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If you were under age 18 when images or videos of you nude, partially nude, or in a sexually explicit situation were taken and you believe they have been or will be shared online, you can use this service. You must have the image or video on your device.

Yes! If you were under age 18 when the image or video was taken, you can still use this service.

No, you don’t have to share any personal information with us to create a hash for your images or videos.

No, if you’re under age 18, anywhere in the world and appear in nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit images that may have been shared online, you can use this service.

Visit the participating companies page to see the list of active participants in this service. Please note the image and video hashing technology used for this service will not work on encrypted platforms or surfaces.

Yes! If someone shared a nude, partially nude or sexually explicit image or video of you taken when you were under 18 years old, it could be considered child sexual abuse material or child pornography in some jurisdictions.

No! Do not download or share any nude, partially nude or sexually explicit image or video in order to submit to Take It Down. All submissions through the Take It Down website should be made on the device (cell, computer, tablet) the images and videos were originally taken. If you don’t have access to the device on which the images or videos were taken, please seek assistance by making a CyberTipline report at or by calling 1-800-THE-LOST.

Even if you know the image or video has been shared, we encourage you to use this service to help limit the spread of the content. You can also make a report to the CyberTipline for help getting that specific image or video down or for additional services and support.

Unfortunately, yes. Nude, partially nude or sexually explicit images of people of all ages and from all backgrounds and situations can often end up being shared online. You’re not alone in dealing with this, and there is support available to you. Visit this site for more information and resources.

Think of a hash value like a digital fingerprint. Each image or video gets a unique hash value that distinguishes it from other images and videos.

No, your image or video will remain on your device and will not be submitted as part of this process. The unique hash that was created from your image or video will be added to NCMEC’s hash list that will be available to online platforms.

The information will be made available to participating online platforms who may scan their public or unencrypted services to detect, remove, and where appropriate, report those images or videos to NCMEC’s CyberTipline.

No, since this is an anonymous service, there is no way to notify you if your specific files are located on an online platform’s public or unencrypted service. If you’d like to connect with NCMEC for additional services, and feel comfortable sharing your name and contact information, please reach out to us at

No, while participating online platforms will be able to scan for your image or video on their public or unencrypted services, this will not prevent the content from being uploaded on other sites. It is also possible that online platforms have limited capabilities to remove content that has already been posted in the past. If you find your explicit image on any other webpage or social media page, report it to the CyberTipline and we can work with you to help get it taken down.

No, images and videos cannot be reverse engineered or created from the hash values shared with NCMEC.

First, you should know that help is out there and you are not alone. NCMEC operates the CyberTipline, an online reporting system for all types of online child sexual exploitation. If someone is threatening to spread your nude image or blackmailing you with it, you should create a CyberTipline report, even if you’ve already used this service to scan your image or video and submit a hash. You can make a report at or by calling 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

If you have additional questions or want more help, you can email For more information about the resources available to you, visit the Resources and Support page.